I help companies create, build, and talk about their brands. I've been a brand writer for Google, a UX writer for Mint.com, a senior copywriter at GSD&M, Schwab, and Landor, and a freelance marketing writer for design firms like IDEO, Interbrand, and Razorfish. 


I'm a content writer, so much of my work ends up on websites. And often the entire website was written by me to begin with, building brands one screen at a time. 


(Past projects include: Mint.com, Google, Schwab, HanesBrands, Wells Fargo.)


Design firms hire me to create guidelines to help keep things consistent around the world. I understand designers, and I can help translate their visual ideas into words.


(Past projects include: Google, Citibank, AT&T.)

Brand Voice

A "brand voice" is the translation of a company's positioning and brand attributes into a writing style. It's what makes Google sound like Google and Apple sound like Apple. 

(Past projects include: Google, Visa, P&G, Lilly.)


I often work with companies in the early days of their brand launch, helping to put their positioning into words and creating the story that introduces the brand to the world.

(Past projects include: Citi, FedEx, Genworth.)


I've written copy that appears on packages in every store you can think of. I have an extra fondness for the labels I wrote for Blue Moon's seasonal ales – which I also helped name.


(Past projects include: Safeway, GE, Blue Moon.)


Nothing's harder than summing up a brand in a single line. I've worked on taglines for clients from a charter airline to a quicker way to pay for groceries. To sum up: I'm good with taglines.


(Past projects include: Avolar, Disney, Carhartt.)


A brochure needs to be concise and tell a story. I know how to ask the right questions to make sure the story you tell is compelling. 


(Past projects include: Schwab, Southwest Airlines, Unisys, Genworth.)


I was a senior copywriter at GSD&M, and I've written print ads for Southwest Airlines and Texas Tourism; radio for Coca-Cola; and TV for clients like Chili's and Infineon Raceway.

(Awards include: Cannes, Clio, One Show Gold.)

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What I Do